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Reggae in the desert 2012

Unity in La’s Vegas Reggae in the desert the 11th year a world class event congratulations to thank you Jamaica for inspiring!! Saturday June 16th 2012 i will never forget


Reggae in the Desert what an event, beautiful and hot day, this was my first experience, what a colorful event , i will start with the Jamaican Flag, the colors, the vibe, the atmosphere, the food, the people, the women, the culture, the sound, and of course the music, this is the first time i see La’s Vegas in total harmony unity, love, cheers, nostalgia,pure pride yes and you could feel the harmony, what an incredible day.

It started at 12 noon the moment i got in the Clark County Amphitheater of La’s Vegas, merchants selling beautiful shirts, necklaces, incense, stickers, posters,the colors red green and gold  everywhere, Jamaican food, Jamaican beer, wine, sodas, hot Twinkies, popcorn, ice cream, lemonade, Teriyaqui, jerky, vegetarian stands, snow cones, water, sodas, a VIP section to meet and greet the artists, dreadlocks everywhere, Bob Marley Images, and the music starts DJ Ramma and DJ VIP  on the ones and twos at 12:30 noon  Fortunate Youth is a collaborating of South bay reggae musicians who originally came from various bands in 2011 there album, Irie State of Mind climbed to # 2 on iTunes Reggae Charts they  take the stage great music and they spark the vibe that gets better in better every second,every single band of serious musicians doing what they love to play and share later, Pato Banton takes the stage this Grammy Nominated Artist became the #1 MC in Birmingham England also has collaborated on songs for UB40 like Hip Hop lyrical Robot and King step and Don Christine Alla  tosh o got a Toshiba. which reached 3 In the independent reggae charts in 1986 Mad Professor captures Pato Banton , never give in, absolute perfection Don’t sniff coke,among other hits and his latest album Destination Paradise. Pato has been in the reggae scene for 3 decades, with his cool charm and tenderness positive vibrations the beat makes you want to dance and Pato delivers a message that makes you think family, a message of unity this charismatic performer connects with the crowd in a very unique spiritual and upbeat way, Mr Banton also gave us an interview with he made us a jingle!! thank you Pato for sharing and spreading the news .Fiji goes on stage This artist is one of the biggest Polynesian of our time. He is a pioneer of the Pacific Island sound  a blend of old school melodies with classic reggae, some hip hop smooth voice and exotic sounds you can feel he is from Hawaii.Fiji  made his debut in 1994, with his album Evolution he is also known as George Veikoso, in 1997 he followed up with the album  Born & Raised, winning Hawaii Academy of Record Arts and Na Hano Hano for male vocalist of the year and favorite Entertainer Fiji sounds set him apart.

JBoog hits the stage this big singer of Samoan Descent  was born on Long Beach lived in Compton J Boog says his family helped him stay off the streets and lead him to began a successful music career, a song book of Bob Marley touched him in a way that he has never been the same again, he has a very humble and sweet personality, JBoog moved to Hawaii  in 2006 to work on developing his skills and release his debut album Hear me Now, eventually joining an independent record label Wash House Music in  2007 in 2011 JBoog  releases his album Back Yard Boogie this young artist sound is a combination of Authentic Island Music and genuine reggae with a comun theme of Love it is clear that it comes from the heart, JBoog gave us an interview for

Tribal Seeds is a rock reggae group started by brothers Steven Rene Jacobo and Tony Ray Jacobo from Southern California, influenced by Bob Marley, Steel Pulse and Midnight the group brings a rock vibe to classic roots style Reggae. Tribal Seeds first 2 albums 2008 Tribal Seeds and 2009 The Harvest also debuted on #5 Billboard Reggae Charts in 2008 Tribal Seeds was awarded Best World Music title at the San Diego Music awards, there music has a lot of character with deep roots this young band that mixes Spanish with English in some of there lyrics, and points out injustice, i was very impressed with there performance Victor the rapper gave us an interview in Spanish that we will share

Israel Vibrations  Love, charm charismatic, experienced, the positive vibrations emanating from there music with more than 20 years in the scene group casts a harmoniums musical spell mixing traditional roots and reggae with a deeply spiritual message Israel Vibrations is spellbinding.Cicil Skelly Spence, Lascelle Wiss Bulgin  and Albert Apple Gabriel, Craig met us when we were 3 placed at the Mona Rehabilitation Center in Jamaica. Regardless of there illness, the trio found strength in song writing and singing. Israel Vibrations in 1976 Same Song brought them success and followed with  albums On the Rock and Free to Move both reached #1 on the CMJ New World Charts, Spence and Bulguin continue to bring positive vibes with there music redefining Roots Reggae for the new era.

Third World is one of the longest lived Reggae bands of all time the group began there carrier in the early 70s making a name for themselves with there creative mix of R&B, Funk,Pop,Rock, Dance hall and Rap in 1974 Third World joined Bob Marley and the Wailers as an opening act on there European tour ,more success came with a cover of the Abyssians classic Satta Massagana and there release 1977 album 96 degrees in the Shade . Third World produced more hits including the cover of the O Jays Now That we Found Love and songs like Cool Meditation, Dancing on the Floor, Hooked on Love Try Jah Love and Forbidden Love in 2003 Third World celebrated there 25th anniversary and in there 2011 album Patriots, it is evident that the group will continue to produce music in the years to come  Bunny Ruggs and guitarist Stephen Cat Coore have released 23 albums and solo projects,

They have received numerous awards including most recent New York City Ambassador Award in November 2009 at the Brooklyn Academy of  Music (BAM) the 1986 United Nations Peace Medal , 1996 & 1992 Jamaica Music Industry Awards for Best show band, when they played there songs 90 degrees in the shade made me shed a tear, Stephen Cat Coore  and Tony Rockshaw the drummer gave us an interview that we will share at

Ky-Mani Marley success begins in the 1990s when he lit the torch and continues with the legacy of his father legend Bob Marley left behind he teamed up with the Pras of the Fugees and recorded a rendition of Eddie Grants Electric Avenue in 1999 he released The Journey which reached #7 Billboard Reggae Billboard Charts and in 2001 Grammy nominated album Many More Roads in 2007 Marley followed up with Radio talking #1 spot in Reggae Billboards Album Charts  remaining true to his Jamaican Culture, his influences are with world music, blues, Rock, hip hop, and grass roots, the result is a pure blend of  musical righteousness his sound transcends cultural lines and prohibits him from being categorized as only reggae artist.Ky-many is a versatile artist he will never forget where he came from, he is a rapper, he does pop, he can even fall into R&B he is a young and passionate singer who has a lot to give yet thank you Kymani Marley for giving us an interview for

Reggae in the desert

I want to congratulate Toyota Dealers of Southern Nevada for being a proud sponsor of Reggae in the Desert, to  97.1FM the Point, hot 97.5 FM, my LVTV,  Miller Lite, Neon, CW, Insert Coins and Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum,Tuscan Grille,Brio for the thousands of people that came to this event , to Brian Saliva and  Fredric Apcar and PR Plus, and special thanks to the thousands of people who witnessed this World Class Event  Thank you all!     Unity is possible!!       Donald Rogers

Reggae in the Desert