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Madness concert April 14th House of Blues Las Vegas nevada

Review Madness concert April 14th House of Blues Las Vegas

This day is very hard to forget, first of all, that Saturday i never saw so many Englishmen in my life, the HOB was packed with Englishmen everywhere

before Madness even started, it was like a British invasion you can identify them with there stylish hats,smiles,  specials beer & drink , chorus, a beautiful nostalgia

awaiting what ,we are about to hear, Suggs the vocalist starts the party with there hit on step beyond everybody starts dancing in automatic, like children enjoying there music, the horn section, was phenomenal very intense i can even say that they sound better live than, than any of there recordings Madness is a pioneer in the English ska music and a must see show, they displayed some great  reggae, calypso, and funky rhythms, house of fun and night boat to Cairo, what a show the 10 musicians

were all having fun. than they sang Our House it becomes an anthem, and how can i forget our Canadian friends a group of 15 gentleman celebrating the 50th anniversary of Mark great night, great music, thank you live nation for this majestic and unforgettable night  Donald Rogers from gives this event a 10 nothing less this was an explosive and emotional night, (I cant imagine what would of happen if Steel Pulse also from UK  would of played there) at the HOB, Steel Pulse played that same day at the Silverton Casino and yes there mas a lot of Englishmen there two.

I want to dedicate this review to my Canadian friends and Roy Leon thank you guys for this awesome night




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