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Interview with Musical Muse Antoinette Hall AKA Roots Dawtah

Interview with Musical Muse Antoinette Hall AKA Roots Dawtah

Reggae music has spread all over the globe,you can go anywhere and you will find somebody playing this music in there own style,Argentina, Chile, Africa, Mexico, Spain, Japan even India, the interesting part is that you can tell and feel it is reggae but interpreted in there own way,Rock steady, Dance hall, Traditional, Deep Roots, Ska, etc.

This interview is with a musical,muse and diva Antoinette Hall  Roots Dawtah Hall a beautiful women that has been involved in the Reggae industry for over 20 years, she also is Pato Bantons muse and will be sharing with us her beginnings, how she started, her background,she is currently the keyboardist of Pato Banton and the Now Generation this woman can play, this is her story of her own solo project that she titled Thoughts of Paradise this music that she plays is a very spiritual experience, the keyboards, the drums the vibe is extremely relaxed, it seams like new age music,a peaceful ambient with a blend of guitars and keyboards that speak for themselves.Reggae in the Desert gave us a unique opportunity to dig in more in this beautiful music, to understand the music and culture, its people and origins,and we will be presenting more artist in this mystical and positive vibrations, Ounce in a while when you interview people it never seems to surprise me how easy it is to underestimate  someone just because she is a woman, and i am talking about the music business, specifically about Reggae Music.

Since she was 12 years old she new what she wanted to be a musician, as soon as she got out of High school from Virginia to New York  started out in Rock music and then into Reggae.

For more than 20 years keyboards Diva Antoinette Hall aka “RootsDawtah” has been active in the international reggae/world music scene. Recording, producing and touring with almost everyone gained her international attention and respect. Among the artists RootsDawtah has collaborated: Gregory Isaacs, Freddie McGregor, Beres Hammond, Meditations, Mad Professor, Big Youth, Scientist, Melodians, Heptones, Ken Boothe, John Holt, Alton Ellis, Pat Kelly, Phyllis Dillon, Judy Mowatt, Marcia Griffiths, Sister Carol, Delroy Wilson, Admiral Tibet, Anthony B, Eek-A-Mouse, Mikey Dread, Mighty Diamonds, Sanchez, Jr Jazz and The Agents, Ras Mel, Calabash, Emporer’s Choice, Larry Webb and Tigerbone, Trumystic, Cornerstone, Fuzzy Logic,  Wadi Gad, Ras Rebel, and  Glenn Washington. Currently Antoinette is full time touring with Pato Banton and The Now Generation. Pato Banton has produced her first album titled “Thoughts of Paradise”  and she currently Pato who encouraged her to do this project, this project was recorded on the road, the Book of Urantia has a lot to do with this i started to understand more, no more depression, no more petty things, this book inspired me in a very unique way, the cosmos the universe you can have that connection if you only look with inn, here is one of her songs from Thoughts of Paradise  My Spirit Within

The more i hear the more i learn it is amazing that in a city like La’s Vegas, this Festival has been going on for 11 years Reggae in the Desert i will be sure to invite more people to experience the unity and harmony that speaks for itself, Donald Rogers. for more information or to contact.

Antoinette Hall