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Interview with legendary band Steel Pulse Reggae Music

Interview with legendary band Reggae Music Steel Pulse with Mr Almlak bassist of Steel Pulse Saturday April 14th Silverton Casino Las Vegas NV


Mr Almlak i am very humbled by the way you carry yourself, all these years  in Reggae Music can you tell us how do you feel the Reggae Movement is going?

Reggae is developing it is evolving to put it straight Reggae is here, Reggae is in all 4 corners of the earth,reggae is here in terms of developing, each person that goes through there time playing reggae music is going to do it there way, so you have the roots of the music that is coming out of Jamaica but also if i am in Buenos Aires o

in Santiago the people there that are playing Reggae they are playing it there style, reggae is everywhere  in its own right,in its own form and developing in its own way

that is what reggae is.The earth has already been infected the globe is reggae.

Reggae is peaceful music is a social com entry it does talk about peace it also talks about war , violence, incest, you name it reggae touches of what happens in life, people tend to match up with issues more relative to themselves, so when i say that some people love the beat, the music dance hall the lyrics are sometimes derogatory to women and sometimes i is about love.

Steel Pulse Reggae Music

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