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Podcast #36 Interview with Inmigration Attorney Robert West

English Interview with Inmigration Attorney Robert West Regarding our Cuban friends how hard is it for a Cuban Citizen to become a US citizen?


Cubans have had a kind of special relationship with Inmigration that people from other countries don’t have it, usually starts with the beginning a Cuban coming to the United States.

The policy use to be if you make it to dry land you will go meet with somebody from inmigration you will get paroled into the country, and after you’ve been paroled inn for at least 1 year a Cuban can file for residency based on the Cuban adjustment act, ounce a Cuban becomes a resident  a United States resident then the time frame to become a US citizen is exactly as anybody else, generally it is 5 years unless they get married to an American and they are married to the American for 3 years living together then they can apply for a citizenship in 3 years, the advantage that a Cuban citizen has is if they make it to the US they get paroled inn, then after 1 year of the parole can apply for US residency,and if they don’t have any problems like criminal or anything else like that they are granted inn.


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