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Podcast #39 Interview with Immigration attorney Robert West

English Interview with Immigration attorney Robert West What to do if the police arrest you and ICE puts a hold on you

If you get stopped by the police and you are arrested it all depends on why were you arrested, if it is very minor things you probably don’t have to worry about anything from Immigration, for something a little more serious lets say driving under the influence of alcohol they will process you, and they have officers at the jail that have been trained by Immigration to look at your circumstances if they don’t believe you are here with permission with they will put whats called an ICE hold on you the ICE hold will basically be as soon that your case with the state of Nevada is completed, then ICE will come and pick you up, and then they will process you will do a little investigation to find out what is your situation is, depending on the circumstance  they may or may not place a bond on you, if they place a bond on you and your family can assist you, you should bond out right away, if you don’t do that what is going to happen is any ware lets say from 2 weeks to 2 months you are going to be sent to Immigration court and thee only reason you are sent to immigration court is that the government is trying to remove you from the United States.

What ever you do , do not sign anything let a qualified Hillsboro immigration lawyer review your circumstances.First that you may have a eligibility to stay in the United States the main one is which is called cancellation of removal you’ve been here for 10 years before you got caught, you pay taxes, through a social security number or a i tin number, you have a qualified relative and you can prove extreme and unusual hardship to that relative the judge can grant under discretion basically residency a green card. You can even visit now to find the best lawyers.

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