Podcast #45 get married with a US citizen you’ve got it made

By on February 29, 2012

get married with a US citizen

English Interview with Inmigracion attorney Robert West Just because you get married with a US citizen you’ve got it made whats the truth behind that ?

There is a lot of misinformation out there, marriage is the first step progresing towards residency but it is only the first step, the government will make you prove that your marriage is bonafide for real not just for an inmigration benefit, there is a couple of different situations those have to be treated differently, if you are the one that is not the citizen and you got married in the United States first couple of questions that you have to ask is, how did you enter the United States, did you enter legal with a visa,or did you come with out permission, if the answer is that you came with out permission, then you move to the next step, the next step is that has anybody ever applied for you before on or before April 30 2001 .If thee answer is no then you move to the third step ,this is the disappointing step for many people. You now realize that you can start your case in the United States but you will have to leave and return home to complete the case, the reason is you don’t qualify to pay the $1000 penalty and you didn’t come with a visa, if you did not enter legally you can not do what they call adjustment of status.


get married with a US citizen
get married with a US citizen

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