Podcast #35 Interview with Romero Mero Mero

By on February 16, 2012

English Interview with a pioneer a hustler hip hop movement 16 albums on the market with 31 videos I am proud to present Romero Mero Mero from Clika One

Interview with a pioneer a worker a hustler in the Hip Hop movement a very young human being with a lot of hart I am proud to present Lany Romero Mero Mero. Better late than never Romero Mero Mero from Clika One at least 14 years I wanted this and finally i get to interview you he is my inspiration Romero Mero Mero a gentleman who loves rap, who lives rap,and sings rap the beautiful thing about this is that he shares it con nosotros como estas amigo Romero Mero Mero i am doing all right just doing dealing with the every day struggles like everybody else nothing more nothing less the voice of the people you now what i mean, working hard hustling hard, never giving up.

What i am going to say sounds very easy but we are talking lots and lots of work mister Romero has 16 albums in the market right now 16 , it is a blessing still doing music and still it feels like it is the first album there has been a lot of ups and downs, regardless for the love of the music, that is what keeps us motivated and pumped up.

How hard has it been here in Las Vegas or in New Mexico because we now you are from there you are a true Latino, how hard? there is not a lot of places you have your own network you have invented yourself?

we are just fortunate  to come before the pre internet era are first record we dropped it in 1998, when we dropped our first, second, and third record it was a time when people were still buying music, they were still jumping in there cars and bumping and just rolling down the boulevard we stood the test of time

Romero Mero Mero

Romero Mero Mero
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    I’m gratuefl you made the post. It’s cleared the air for me.

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