Kony 2012

By on March 9, 2012

Kony 2012

Kony 2012 Es un video para una campania de los ninios invisibles de Uganda con la intencion de hacer famosa a Joseph Kony no para celebrarlo si no para ARRESTARLO

Kony 2012 es un vídeo de una campana de los niños invisibles de Uganda, con la intención de hacer famoso  a Joseph Kony no para celebrarlo, al contrario para arrestarlo, crear conciencia, poner un presedente para la justicia Internacional.Si importa aunque estemos a mas de 8000 millas de donde ocurre estas desgracias, cada uno de nosotros podemos hacer una diferencia, tomar acción, pasar la voz, compartir el vídeo, por el amor que le tenemos nosotros a nuestros hijos, como es possible que este Rebelde sin causa que nadie apoya lleva haciendo esto mas de 20 anos?Hace de niñas esclavas de Sexo se dice que en Uganda de cada 3 niñas 2 han sido abusadas sexual mente por sus soldados y de que a los niños los hace soldados, los forza a matar a sus propios padres?además los hace mutilar las caras de otros niños.

Esta desgracia no nada mas han sufrido un grupo de niños, han sido mas de 30,0000 y Jacob fue uno de esos niños, Para hacer las cosas peor Joseph Kony no esta en la lucha por alguna causa, simple y sencillamente quiere poder, nadie lo apoya y muchisimas veces a hablado de paz y otra vez asesina y hace de las suyas nada mas agarra poquito poder.

Les pedimos que vean este vídeo y lo compartan con sus amigos vamos a parar a este demonio ya tu puedes y haces la diferencia. Que dios nos bendiga a todos disculpa que este vídeo no esta en Español, de todos modos le vas a entender gracias por compartir  atte Donald Rogers

Kony 2012

 Kony 2012

Kony 2012

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  1. Silver

    June 27, 2012 at 3:59 pm

    Yes, this is a terrible thing for a child to know but with the sceehms that a young child has we need to accommodate their sceehms but also remember that within their experience of being hurt the most they’ve (hopefully) been hurt is nothing more then a spanking or being yelled at so by saying that Kony is just a bad man that hurts people and little kids doesn’t have the same effect as Kony is a man that kills people and little kids. For a child would know that kill is permanent. That you can never undo death. They understand that as a serious thing. Yes, at 4 yrs old a child is still in their preoperational stage but they can still understand the seriousness of things before they hit their concrete operational stage. To say that their still just a baby, in my opinion is a little too protective because they never stop being YOUR baby. At what point would you draw a line and say they are old enough? Why should we wait until they are older to instill conventional moral reasoning? Maybe my experience as a child was different but even at a young age I had postconventional moral reasoning. As a young child, I was always telling others about things like recycling to save the planet and treating others nicely. I taught myself a lot about civil rights. I carried that into my middle school years. I even started telling my peers about earth hour and a day of silence. Now as a high school student I am more aware of more serious issues and am willing to battle against them. The older I get, the more I understand and the more tools I have to stand up against the injustice only because my parents encouraged me to keep being aware of the issues I felt so strongly about. I am only a special child if you labeled it that way. Every child could have the same experience I did if you just taught them. The children REALLY ARE our future and they cannot only make a big difference later but make a big difference NOW! And how great would it be to instill that type of power and confidence into a young child.

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